INSPIRE’s skilled team of scientists and analysts is dedicated to making science understandable by applying innovative technology for effective solutions.


Our scientists are best known as the original developers of Sediment Profile Imaging, and our staff have more experience than anyone in acquiring and interpreting these images. Our team has expanded from this core focus to include expertise in seafloor, water quality, hydrodynamics, and watershed assessment: capabilities that provide support to a full range of coastal and ocean projects. We start by reading the history of the seafloor through a combination of optical and acoustic methods, including an innovative camera that “optically cores” sediments and gives us a worm’s-eye view.  These detailed images are combined with high-resolution acoustic maps to provide an unparalleled view of the seafloor as a basis for site assessment.  Our company was formed to address problems associated with understanding seafloor and water column dynamics, from basic habitat mapping to assessment of both natural and human impacts.


INSPIRE Environmental is a new small business that represents the collective resources of Germano & Associates, Inc. and CoastalVision, LLC. By merging experience and capabilities, and adding key personnel, INSPIRE provides an integrated team of scientists who deliver proven results in developing solutions for marine and environmental assessment for commercial and government clients across a wide range of aquatic environmental issues.


  • Help our clients to clearly define the questions being asked.
  • Get the right tools to answer those questions.
  • Apply innovative data visualization techniques to make the results easily understandable.



Drew A. Carey, PhDFounder/Principal Scientist

Co-founder of INSPIRE Environmental, Drew’s leadership drives the company’s strategic vision. He has more than 30 years of experience addressing issues in marine science, environmental monitoring, and marine policy, which ensures the company routinely meets or exceeds client needs. Drew takes particular pride in INSPIRE’s culture of innovation, quality, and compassion and INSPIRE’s commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion.

Joe Germano, PhDFounder/Principal Scientist Emeritus

Joe is one of the original developers of SPI technology and co-founder of INSPIRE. As part of the company’s senior management team, he plays a major role in strategic planning and mentors many of the younger scientists at INSPIRE. Joe has spent more than three decades analyzing SPI imagery, unmatched experience that cements INSPIRE’s place as an industry leader.

Jeanine Boyle, BAChief Executive Officer

Jeanine ensures INSPIRE runs smoothly, day in and day out. Her background in global R&D operations enhances her ability to direct strategic planning, business development, and staff productivity and satisfaction. Jeanine has managed numerous large, multi-disciplinary environmental projects, with a focus on marine and coastal resources.

Kersey Sturdivant, PhDPrincipal Scientist

With a hand in all aspects of INSPIRE’s work, Kersey brings critical and creative thinking to everything he does. He is involved in strategic planning, business development, project design and implementation, and presenting results to external stakeholders. Kersey pushes boundaries and offers new perspectives, enabling him to efficiently solve problems and mentor junior staff.

Kathy Vigness-Raposa, PhDPrincipal Scientist

INSPIRE’s Sector Leader for Offshore Wind, Kathy spent much of her career studying acoustic impacts on marine mammals. She works with the fisheries and modeling teams to generate impact assessments, taking a holistic view of seafloor health and habitat resilience. Kathy plays a lead role in communicating INSPIRE’s findings and engaging local and national stakeholders.

Marisa Guarinello, MSSenior Scientist

With more than a decade of experience interpreting SPI images, Marisa manages numerous projects at INSPIRE and is the lead in INSPIRE’s innovative EFH habitat mapping for offshore wind installations. Marisa has analyzed more than 20,000 SPI images to date, a level of experience that allows her to keep an eye on the details while effortlessly communicating meaningful, big-picture results to clients.

Annie Murphy, PhD
Senior Scientist

Annie has a background in coastal and marine sediment biogeochemistry. As a senior scientist at INSPIRE, she is involved in image and data analysis and report writing, with a focus on benthic assessments for offshore wind installations. Annie’s particular strength lies in data synthesis, communicating INSPIRE’s findings in impactful graphics and conceptual diagrams.

Lianne Allen-Jacobson, PhD
Senior Scientist

Lianne serves as INSPIRE’s lead in hard-bottom benthic ecology. She brings over ten years of experience characterizing hard-bottom habitats with visual tools, including macro and time-lapse photography, 3D modeling, and machine learning. Lianne adds value by leveraging quantitative skills to efficiently detect and interpret ecological change.

Ellen Bellagamba Fucile, MAReporting Manager

Ellen serves as INSPIRE’s editorial and technical editor. She produces and edits all of the company’s environmental monitoring reports and major proposals. Ellen collaborates with INSPIRE project scientists and data managers to ensure that deliverables are consistent, in line with company standards, and exceed client expectations in terms of quality.

Tina Knips, BS, CPAFinancial Controller

Tina handles all of INSPIRE’s financial reporting, accounting, and proposal budgeting needs. Working closely with the senior management team, she is constantly monitoring the financial results of the company as well as those of each individual project. Tina strives to communicate the company’s financial information in an understandable and actionable way.

Brian Gervelis, MSSenior Scientist

With a breadth of experience in fisheries science, Brian supports INSPIRE’s projects in the offshore wind industry. He designs and implements fisheries monitoring surveys, working hand in hand with local commercial and recreational fisheries communities. Brian has worked both on and offshore and is well versed in all aspects of data collection, analysis, and synthesis.

Kristy Gustafson, BSProject Scientist

Kristy is in charge of data management for INSPIRE’s fisheries outreach activities for offshore wind installations. She has spent many years working directly with the commercial fishing industry and can uniquely anticipate and understand fisheries-related concerns in offshore wind development. Kristy is building INSPIRE’s Safety Management System, utilizing her experience as an Offshore Marine Safety Instructor to ensure safe and efficient field efforts.

Zach McKelvey, MSProject Scientist

Zach is a marine scientist with a background in seafloor assessment. Calm under pressure, he often leads project teams at INSPIRE, ensuring client satisfaction and on-time delivery of SPI reports. Zach is involved in every step of a project, including survey design, data collection and analysis, equipment deployment and troubleshooting, and report creation.

Ben Taylor, BSGIS Specialist

Ben manages INSPIRE’s geospatial data, inserting exacting standards and a high degree of consistency. Ben creates data visualizations and site maps, and aids in survey and report preparation. With a background in environmental science and remote sensing, he is involved in all aspects of the work we do at INSPIRE from survey design and field work to the creation of data visualization products that aid in communication between clients and stakeholders.

Steven Sabo, BAImage Specialist & Graphic Designer

A picture is worth a thousand words, a central facet of everything we do at INSPIRE. Steve’s work aligns creativity with scientific rigor, taking raw images of the seafloor and synthesizing oceanographic data into powerful visualizations. He is responsible for designing marketing materials, graphics, and conference presentations, as well as graphics for client reports.

Alex Rhoads, MSData Specialist & Statistician

Alex recently returned to INSPIRE after taking a deep dive into deep-sea passive acoustics and spatial statistics to earn her graduate degree from URI. Alex applies statistical analysis techniques to multidisciplinary data sets and manages design, data collection, and data analysis for many of INSPIRE’s projects. Alex’s interest in all things data and keen eye for numbers and patterns ensure that INSPIRE’s data management and quality control procedures remain “best-in-class.”

Connor Capizzano, PhDData Specialist

Connor comes to INSPIRE with nearly a decade of fisheries science experience. He is well-versed in leveraging innovative visualizations and technologies to interpret and communicate complex data to a wide audience. In keeping with his analytical background, Connor also manages INSPIREagility, INSPIRE’s latest online offering for clients to explore their geospatial data.

Kaitlin Sylvester, BSProject Manager

Katie is a skilled project manager with a solid technical background in marine sciences. A long-time lead of both federal and commercial programs, Katie applies innovative thinking and problem solving to meet client challenges head on. With a background in marine and freshwater sciences and extensive experience in dredged material management, Katie provides targeted leadership for our benthic programs. Her easy going and collaborative nature make her an asset on every project.

Kelsey Brown, BSData Analyst

Kelsey oversees INSPIRE’s stringent data quality control procedures and processes data from client surveys. She aids in report production, ensuring client data are collected and stored according to company standards. Kelsey’s background in marine environmental planning means she is well versed in preparing environmental documentation in line with national regulations.

Jenn Croteau, BSStaff Scientist

Jenn’s primary focus is in habitat mapping for offshore wind projects. Before joining the INSPIRE team, she spent several years working as a conservation naturalist, collecting habitat data while also coordinating and communicating with public stakeholders. Jenn is detail oriented and takes pride in carefully sifting through large quantities of data to pull out key information.

Alex Zygmunt, MSStaff Scientist

With experience in coastal and resource management and academic research on lobsters and sea bass in US wind energy areas, Alex supports INSPIRE’s work in fisheries monitoring and outreach for offshore wind development. Alex is also a critical member of our field team and uses his marine science background in image analysis.

Hannah Marshburn, MSProject/Field Scientist

Hannah leverages her research experience in marine geosciences to contribute to INSPIRE’s field, GIS, and habitat mapping programs. She managed nearshore hydrographic surveys in Alaska for NOAA, collecting and processing hydrographic and oceanographic data with a variety of instruments. Hannah most recently worked in sales, product development, and government contract management for a hydrographic software company.

Charles “Chuck” Holloway, MSField Scientist

A certified hydrographer, Chuck has literally sailed the world for marine science. Drawing from global experience that includes the Hawaii Underwater Research Lab and the US Antarctic Support Program, Chuck applies his skill to ensure the successful execution of INSPIRE’s offshore surveys, providing QA/QC, equipment and system maintenance, and troubleshooting in the field.


Ken Hickey, MSSenior Scientist

Ken has 25 years of experience designing, conducting, and managing marine hydrodynamic, sediment, and water quality studies. He regularly collaborates with INSPIRE staff, designing and implementing coastal water quality and sediment transport monitoring projects. Ken brings decades of successful project management experience with a focus on understanding client needs and meeting key project goals.

Dara Wilber, PhDSenior Scientist

With expertise in statistical analyses, Dara is a fisheries ecologist who regularly works with INSPIRE to evaluate the biological impacts of seafloor disturbances. She plans and implements fish habitat assessments and develops monitoring protocols. Dara has close to 30 years of experience and has worked on a variety of projects spanning from beach replenishment to channel dredging and most recently, offshore wind.

Dave Browning, BAPrincipal Scientist

Dave’s background includes geology, benthic biology, and extensive experience in conducting field operations. He integrates the dynamics of physical, chemical, and biological processes to creatively address complex environmental monitoring questions. Dave and Joe worked together for many years prior to the inception of INSPIRE and bring unsurpassed experience in SPI data collection and interpretation.