INSPIRE’s skilled team of scientists and analysts is dedicated to making science understandable by applying innovative technology for effective solutions.


Our scientists are best known as the original developers of Sediment Profile Imaging and our staff have more experience than anyone in acquiring and interpreting images.  From this core focus, our team has expanded to include expertise in seafloor, water quality, hydrodynamics, and watershed assessment: capabilities that provide support to a full range of coastal and ocean projects. We start by reading the history of the seafloor through a combination of optical and acoustic methods, including an innovative camera that “optically cores” sediments and gives us a worm’s eye view.  These detailed images are combined with high-resolution acoustic maps to provide an unparalleled view of the seafloor as a basis for site assessment.  Our company was formed to address problems associated with understanding seafloor and water column dynamics, from basic habitat mapping to assessment of both natural and human impacts.


INSPIRE Environmental is a new small business that represents the collective resources of Germano & Associates, Inc. and CoastalVision, LLC. By merging experience and capabilities, and adding key personnel, INSPIRE provides an integrated team of scientists who deliver proven results in developing solutions for marine and environmental assessment for commercial and government clients across a wide range of aquatic environmental issues.


  • Help our clients to clearly define the questions being asked.
  • Get the right tools to answer those questions.
  • Apply innovative data visualization techniques to make the results easily understandable.



  • Dr. Drew A. Carey Principal Scientist/Managing Partner

    Drew is a marine scientist with over 30 years’ experience in marine science, environmental monitoring, and marine policy.  He is a recognized expert on assessment of environmental impacts on marine ecosystems and a highly experienced facilitator.

  • Dr. Joe Germano Principal Scientist

    Joe has over 30 years experience in both domestic and international marine environmental monitoring programs, particularly those dealing with contaminated sediment management.  Joe is best known for being the co-developer of sediment profile imaging technology (SPI).

  • Dr. S. Kersey Sturdivant Principal Scientist

    Kersey has been studying the effects of human disturbance on aquatic ecosystems for the past 10 years.  He obtained his PhD from the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, where he furthered SPI technology with the development of Wormcam. Kersey is an Adj. Assistant Professor at Duke University.

  • Jeanine Boyle Senior Project Manager

    Jeanine is a program manager with more than 20 years’ experience leading large, multi-disciplinary environmental projects and programs that focus on marine and coastal resources.  Her interests and experience also include the development of innovative technologies.

  • Daniel Doolittle Principal Scientist

    Daniel has 25+ years of marine science and project management experience, primarily focused on geological investigations and innovative technologies supporting offshore energy exploration and production.  He has worked extensively in frontier basins and other remote regions, including high latitude waters from Antarctica to the Arctic and most global oceans.

  • Dave Browning Senior Scientist


    Dave has two decades of experience in the collection, analysis and interpretation of marine environmental and geophysical data supporting monitoring and engineering studies. Mr. Browning is an expert in the use of sediment-profile imaging (SPI) for mapping dredged material deposits, physical benthic habitats and physical processes/disturbances.

  • Jill Johnen Data Manager

    Jill is a marine scientist with a focus on maintaining and ensuring data integrity.  She has a strong quantitative background including analysis and interpretation of data sets.  Her experience includes planning and implementing comprehensive quality assurance programs.

  • Ken Hickey Principal Scientist

    Ken has over 20 years of experience conducting surface water hydrologic and water quality investigations.  He has successfully designed and conducted field investigations and modeling analyses of river, estuarine, and coastal systems. Ken is Vice President of HydroAnalysis, Inc.



  • Marisa Guarinello Scientist

    Marisa is a marine scientist with expertise classifying seascapes for benthic assessments & marine spatial planning. She has over 10 years of analytical experience with SPI and has conducted additional research in places as diverse as the Arctic, American Samoa, and Arizona. She earned her MS from the Graduate School of Oceanography at URI.

  • Jimmy Flynn Operations Manager

    Jimmy is a retired Coast Guardsman, spending much of his career on high latitude research vessels.  He has 30 years’ experience in operations management, and recently earned a BS in Marine Biology from Roger Williams University, with a focus on the biodiversity of marine flora.

  • Ellen Bellagamba Fucile Production Manager

    Ellen has over 20 years of experience producing and editing environmental monitoring reports.  As production manager, Ellen collaborates with scientists and data managers to produce detailed survey work plan, cruise reports, style guides, and final data deliverables.


  • Rich Balouskus Project Scientist

    Richard is a marine scientist with over 10 years of fisheries and ecological research experience.  He has worked extensively on the design and implementation of environmental impact assessments for offshore energy development including offshore wind.

  • Steven Sabo Image Analyst/Data Visualization

    Steve graduated from University of Michigan in 2010 with a degree in anthropology.  He attended graduate level field school with Oregon State University, where he studied geoarchaeology and archaeological excavation techniques.  Steve also specializes in graphic design for science applications.

  • Ben Taylor GIS Analyst

    Ben earned a B.S. in Environmental Science and Management and a Graduate Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing from the University of Rhode Island. At INSPIRE, he manages geospatial data, creates data visualizations, and aids in survey preparation and report completion. Outside of the office, he enjoys making music in his studio.

  • Zach McKelvey Project Scientist

    Zach is a marine scientist with a background in seafloor assessment. He obtained his Master’s from the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Zach provides image analysis and GIS expertise to INSPIRE Environmental.

  • John Hardin Senior Scientist

    John has over 30 years of experience as an environmental scientist characterizing sediment, the water column, and biota.  He has a wide range of experience with equipment and environments in the U.S. and internationally.

  • Ana Marroquim Senior Scientist

    Ana is a biologist with an MSc in Ecology and Natural Resources and 18 years of leadership in Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring.  She has extensive international experience managing projects on several oil and gas markets, particularly in new frontiers and complex regulatory frameworks.  She is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

  • Alex Rhoads Data Scientist

    Alex earned her BSc. in Statistics and Biology from University of Dalhousie in Halifax, NS.  She has a diverse background applying statistical analysis techniques to multidisciplinary data sets.  She has managed experimental design, data collection, and data analysis on a variety of marine ecological projects.

  • Teddy Corporate Ambassador

    Teddy enjoys lunch, long walks on the beach, and calculating the statistical probability that the food you are currently eating will fall on the floor. If a co-worker is in need of a break then Teddy will not hesitate to get them away from their desk by any means possible, including turning off the power supply to their computer. Teddy is a good dog.