Leading Offshore Firms Integrate Marine Archaeology with Benthic, Fisheries, and Data Visualization Services

INSPIRE Environmental (INSPIRE), Full Fathom Five Marine (FF5), and RECON Offshore (RECON) have formed a team to add marine archaeology and cultural resources services to INSPIRE’s benthic, marine ecosystem, fisheries, and acoustic service offerings. All services lines are supported by INSPIRE’s robust, interactive data visualization tools. FF5 and RECON bring deep experience in enhanced archaeological services to support cultural resource assessments, agency review, and tribal engagement and support. These services are geared toward the development of offshore wind and other marine renewables, integrated sediment management, and other offshore infrastructure projects. 

INSPIRE, FF5, and RECON are natural partners to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary siting and permitting services to marine infrastructure projects, as well as monitoring and adaptive management during construction and operations. Our combined team allows for increased efficiency and rigor across multiple specialties, leading to the seamless articulation of both environmental and cultural resource evaluations. 

INSPIRE, a Venterra Group Company, is a marine science consultancy based in Newport, RI. INSPIRE is known for providing credible, defensible science in support of offshore infrastructure development, with a particular focus on offshore wind and integrated sediment management. We are experts at making seafloor health visible. We offer agency consultation, resource surveys, assessment, impact analysis, reporting, mitigation and monitoring plans, and implementation of such plans for benthic resources and fisheries. We also offer marine acoustic modeling, assessment, impact analysis and mitigation and monitoring planning. INSPIRE has a diverse global portfolio and has worked on over one third of all US offshore wind projects. INSPIRE’s expertise and experience complements the other ‘Engineering’ phase companies within Venterra Group, which is a strategic partner to wind energy developers and contractors, providing services across the full lifecycle of offshore wind assets. www.INSPIREenvironmental.com  

Venterra Group was formed in 2021 as a dedicated offshore wind services platform, supporting the industry’s rapid expansion and leading role in the clean energy transition. Comprised of nine sector-leading service providers with expertise and experience across engineer, build and support phases of the offshore wind farm lifecycle, Venterra Group and its 600+ global workforce is helping developers and tier one contractors to bring wind power capacity online more quickly, competitively and sustainably. For further information please visit www.venterra-group.com

FF5 was founded in 2022 by Jessica Cook Hale, RPA, PhD, to offer critical services for cultural resource management needs in submerged contexts. FF5’s capabilities include Section 106 cultural resource consultation, historical research, report production to specific agency standards, and data analysis. FF5 focuses primarily on pre-contact archaeology and Quaternary geology, to ensure that these components of environmental impact assessments for undertakings conform to the highest scientific standards. https://fullfathomfivemarine.com/  

RECON, is a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) that specializes in all aspects of Submerged Cultural Resource Management (SCRM) and Maritime Archaeology.  RECON’s mission is to provide clients with the most reliable and accurate results utilizing cutting-edge technologies.  The staff bring over two decades of expertise providing professional services worldwide ranging from diver investigations, Section 106 compliance, remote sensing surveys, to predictive site modeling and risk assessment (utilizing GIS). https://reconoffshore.com/ 

To arrange a consultation, please email [email protected].